2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price

2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price. Things haven’t settled down after the arrival of the X7 and BMW is planning another addition to the SUV segment. Currently, the company is working on M packages for its crossovers X3 and X4. Soon after these are out, the new 2024 BMW X8 could step in. For the rest of the lineup, this is probably going to be a coupe version of X7. The X8 will be more luxurious packages, making it the most expensive SUV by the Bavarian carmaker.

In some rumors, we will find a codename G09. That is the 2024 BMW X8. Well, it confuses us a bit. The company used the G07 for the X7. However, only a couple of things are already certain for the upcoming SUV. It is going to be a coupe-like chassis, but not with the high slope like for the X4 and X6. It will leave more room for the cabin. The upcoming X8 is going to be a four-seater. The company is maximizing the comfort. The full-size SUV is going to use the same engines as its smaller sibling, it arrives next year, and the price of the high-end models will exceed $150,000.

2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price

A Four-Seat Full-Size Ultra-Luxurious SUV

The interior of the 2024 BMW X8 will be able to take four passengers. Its counterpart, X7, can take seven occupants. To maximize the comfort, BMW offers captain’s chairs in the middle row, with armrests between buckets. Whatsoever, the X8 is not going to be a three-row SUV, that was obvious right from the start. But, the slope on this model is not so high as for other coupe-SUVs in the company’s lineup. Passengers on rear seats will have plenty of headroom, while there is enough space for the cargo.

The 2024 BMW X8 is going to use the same platform as X7. That means the wheelbase is around 112 inches. On the other hand, we can’t say if the overall dimensions are the same. The X8 is going to be lower. X6’s wheelbase is shorter than for its standard-look SUV, and the overall length also falls short for 0.5 in.

2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price

2024 BMW X8 Specs

We believe the new 2024 BMW X8 coupe-like SUV will use the same drivetrain lineup as X7. Well, the huge model has no too many options. It needs a lot of power, like its sibling, and the most capable units are already used by X7. Well, X6 is also using some of them, but outputs on the X7 are at maximum. Well, we hope that engineers will manage to squeeze a few more ponies out of V8 mills.

A V6 could be the base engine. It oddly fits the large SUV, but the company can offer a significantly lower price with this unit. If X7 can use it, then it is good for the new SUV. A V6 can create 335 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. This drivetrain returns a nice gas mileage for the full-size segment. Well, the X8 might be even lighter than the X7, meaning a better fuel economy. An eight-speed automatic transmission and the famous xDrive are distributing energy to all wheels.

While the V6 is still questionable, there is no doubt that BMW will use its largest gun for the new SUV. That is a 4.4-l V8 with 460 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. It pairs the same transmission and sends power to all four corners. Towing capacity for this unit is above 7,500 pounds. Slightly lighter, the 2024 BMW X8 could accelerate 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds.

2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price


X8 M Is the Most Luxurious (And Most Expensive) BMW Ever

The M package is not coming with the standard model. It will be an update for 2024. However, some speculations are mentioning the most expensive BMW ever. X7 M will cost around $125,000. We think these sources are trying to say that X8M will go over $180,000, which is the price for BMW i8 roadster. We can’t imagine what it should offer to beat the price of the electric model. Well, the first thing is a 4.4-liter engine with more than 600 horsepower. This boost requires advanced and expensive technologies, so everything is possible.

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Interior of the X7M comes with Alcantara leather as optional material, while the new X8 M will use it as standard. Fans are even comparing the 2024 BMW X8M with the most expensive full-size SUVs, such as Rolls Royce Cullinan and Range Rover SVR Autobiography.

2024 BMW X8 Release Date & Price

2024 BMW X8 Release Date and Price

Well, these are extreme prices of the high-end models. The 2024 BMW X8 will be much more affordable if a V6 is good enough for its buyers. Initial price could settle around $80,000, while the V8 package and other upgrades will hit a six-digit cost. We will know more when the first concept units roll out to some of the big auto shows. It could happen early next year, maybe in New York or Chicago.