2024 Dodge Deora Redesign, Concept, and Price

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2024 Dodge Deora Redesign, Concept, and Price. Younger generations probably don’t know too much about the original Dodge Deora, at least not in the “real” car form. The original version came as a concept in the mid-60s and it amazed the automotive world of the time, with its futuristic and unique cab-over truck layout. It seems way too extreme for the automotive industry 50 years ago, so it never entered serial production. These days, some sources suggest we could see another iteration, this time as the 2024 Dodge Deora. The new version may once again come in the form of a concept, but we could also see something more than that.

It has never managed to become a production car, the Deora become famous among toy cars. It was part of the original Hot Wheels series, while we saw two more iterations decades later. These days, it looks like the fourth “Hot Wheels” version is on the way.

2024 Dodge Deora Drivetrain

The 2024 Dodge Deora concept would be a perfect polygon for new technologies and we expect that the drivetrain would follow the same path. At the moment, FCA lags behind Ford and GM in terms of electrification, so this might be a great occasion to introduce a powertrain for the next-generation Ram truck, which should offer an all-electric version as well.

Some reports suggest that FCA would use a different nameplate for this occasion. We don’t know the details about the powertrain setup, though it should be designed in a way to at least match performances and capabilities of the upcoming electric trucks like the F-150 Electric, Tesla Cybertruck etc.

2024 Dodge Deora Concept

Although this is pure speculation, there is actually a bit of a chance to see another concept version with this name. The new one would come as the 2024 Dodge Deora, rumors say and it may bring all kinds of new design solutions, including the extravagant styling once again.

Dodge actually needs something like this. If you look at the current lineup, it consists mostly of too old vehicles and even those who look appealing, like the Challenger, are way outdated. The 2024 Dodge Deora may be a good way to make the brand more interesting to a wider range of buyers. Besides the attractive and unique styling, the new concept would also be a great opportunity for FCA to introduce some new technological achievements. Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is electrification.


It needs to bring something big in terms of the styling again if the new concept is about to come. Of course, we presume that the base layout would be largely the same as in the original concept. This means a familiar cab-over pickup design. Of course, everything would come in a modern, or better to say, futuristic manner. At this point, it’s hard to talk about details, but we count on a big presence of sharp lines and other aesthetical solutions that characterize today’s automotive industry.

The same thing goes for the interior design, which should bring a futuristic approach. Of course, we count on a single cab layout, with a very, very long and practical cargo bed. We presume that versions with two rows of seats would be in the offer as well if this model hits serial production one day. Naturally, we count on lots of hi-tech features inside the cab, including similar things and several screens.

2024 Dodge Deora Release Date

We presume that the concept version will have a premiere sometime in 2024. Of course, it would take place at some of the major auto shows. We expect more details in the future.

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