Everything We Know About The Kia Soul 2024

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Kia Soul 2024. The company is launching the new Soul EV in 2024. Kia’s boxy crossover is one of the oldest electric model in the segment. In the next couple of years, it will see more competition. Even the Korean company is delivering another electric model – Niro EV. The Kia Soul 2024 will be refreshed, with the new model debuting this year.

Some say the Soul is actually a hatchback. Well, these two classes are very similar, especially when the vehicle is so small. The Kia Soul 2024 is fully redesigned and ready to conquer the electric segment.

It is not all about the EV. We can find other sources of power under the bonnet of the Sour crossover. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines are providing a lot of fun for drivers of this mini model. Still, the new electric battery is definitely worthy of purchase.

Everything We Know About The Kia Soul 2024

Kia Soul 2024 Engines

The base drivetrain for the Kia Soul 2024 is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit with 147 horsepower. The engine also converts 132 lb-ft through manual or CVT gearbox. Either way, the car is returning over 30 mpg combined. Front wheels are getting the energy, while the AWD is still not an option for the Soul.

The top of the class GT model is using a 1.6-liter turbo-four drivetrain with extra power for better acceleration. Well, the subcompact crossover is not going to stun you, but drivers will notice the difference with 200 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. In this case, the only transmission is a seven-speed DCT. Fuel economy is not suffering too much, returning 32 mpg on the open road.

Everything We Know About The Kia Soul 2024

Kia Soul 2024 EV Specs and Range

The new Soul brings the new battery for its engine room. The EV model is going to deliver more power and extended range. According to EPA, the crossover can run 248 miles before the battery dries out. After that, you will need 54 minutes to recharge it to 80 percent at superchargers. For the full recharge on Level 2 takes around nine and a half hours.

So-called Kia e-Soul produces 201 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque from a pair of the 30 and 64 kWh battery. The combination can sprint to 60 mph in just 7 seconds, which is 4 seconds faster than the previous model. The Kia Soul 2024 EV will also bring a special package of equipment.

Kia Soul 2024 Models and Accessories

The subcompact crossover will offer you, six different models, to start your building. The company starts with an LX trim which uses 16-inch wheels. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of the infotainment system whose center is a 7-inch touchscreen display. A six-speaker audio system gets a boost at higher trim levels.

Everything We Know About The Kia Soul 2024

Kia Soul 2024 interior

The S package builds the base model with accessories worth nearly $3,000. Alloy wheels replace steel rims, and the company adds few driver aid systems (blind-spot alert, forward collision avoidance assist, driver attention warning …). The premium cloth is there, as well as the keyless entry with remote control.

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GT-Line is a lot sportier than its predecessor’s thanks to larger wheels and D-shaped steering wheel. X-Line is another unique upgrade package with special parts. The top of the class model with a base engine is Kia Soul 2024 EX. Some of the premium features you will get are a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s bucket, 12V outlet in trunk, automatic air-condition, and heated front seats. The wireless charger and two USB ports boost the infotainment system.

Soul Turbo

The most expensive conventional model is using a turbo engine and adds even more features to EX trim. The Kia Soul 2024 GT-Line Turbo highlights are chrome-tipped center exhaust, leather sporty steering wheel with heating, Harman Kardon audio, HUD display, and few more updates make the price go over $27,000.

Everything We Know About The Kia Soul 2024

Kia Soul 2024 Release Date and Price

The new Kia Soul 2024 EV is under the spotlight. The electric model is all-new for the next season, while its siblings will get the same updates earlier. The new model for 2020 is out and it will be pretty much the same when the EV comes out. Still, we must wait a little bit to see the new electric crossover.

The price of the LX version is below $18,000 and it is one of the best offers in the market. Still, a lot of options are making the Soul pretty versatile. The next step, S trim, is above $20,000. We recommend the GT Line that costs the same. X-Line and EX add one grand respectively.

When the Kia Soul 2024 hits the market, it will see the competition in both hatchbacks and crossovers. Honda Fit and Scion XB are notable hatches, Nissan Rogue and Honda HR-V are subcompact SUVs. Rivals for the electric model are Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona, BMW iX3, and its bigger brother Kia Niro EV.

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